Muskaan Senior Citizen Forum

Old age comes with its own set of challenges but loneliness need not be one of them. Muskaan, our senior citizen forum aims at regularly engaging the elderly women through recreational activities as well as awareness programmes on healthcare, financial as well as legal subjects. Not only has this brought a smile on many wrinkled faces but has also successfully connected them with likeminded women their age. Muskaan has brought joy and optimism back in lives of over 100 senior women.

Muskaan helps all the 60+ ladies to congregate, dress up, listen to a lecture, participate in a play, learn a dance or go on a picnic. The idea is don’t sit and stagnate at home. Learn a new craft, make a new friend, mingle and mix and feel ALIVE and YOUNG once again. Widely attended by several seniors, the popularity and bon hommie of Muskaan is a feather in the cap of the RMM!

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