An inspired woman can empower a neighbourhood.
An Empowered child can transform communities.

Every person is change agent. We are dedicated to serving the less fortunate sections of the society to inspire a generation of women and children. Our mission and actions are focused on creating opportunities to learn, develop life skills and make a respectful living.

Our Story

The Rajasthani Mahila Mandal is an independent organization started in 1965. Run very efficiently by a team of women who are the main Trustees, the Mandal has grown in name and stature over the past half century of its existence. In 1970, the Mandal acquired a centrally located plot at Gowalia Tank on which it constructed its own five-storey building, to house its various activities. This was later increased to seven floors, through the generosity of several prominent companies and individuals, giving the ladies more space to add to its charitable endeavors. Today the RMM has over 16 activities conducted on its premises. The different projects are divided amongst a dedicated team of ladies, who supervise each activity to get the best results. The Board of Trustees take the final decisions on the administration and financial allocations of each project. The Mandal has NGO status and all the items in the various sections are sold with a proper bill and receipt. No GST is applicable to those with an 80G certificate. But it is recorded and accounted for.

What we do

We run 2 schools (Hindi and English medium), a crèche, a medical centre, vocational courses, a counseling centre, support groups and various cultural, developmental as well as awareness programmes; besides an in-house food and handicraft manufacturing unit run independently by women – all on non-profit basis.

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