Walk Free

In keeping with Modiji’s dictum of ‘Make in India’, Walk Free is the Sanitary Towel section. A large 15-foot machine, made with Indian technology, manufactures the paper-thin sanitary towels in ultimate hygienic conditions. Two technical men the production and running of the machine. A team of ladies wearing surgical masks, take the napkins and fold then into packets of six. These are sealed and run through the sterilization unit, before they are kept for distribution. A pack of six is priced at Rs 28. Two packets costing Rs 56 should suffice a woman during her 5-day cycle. Each sanitary pad has an adhesive to attach it to the underwear for free movement. The packets are distributed free in the slum areas where menstrual hygiene is stressed on, to prevent women from infections and disease. The space was earlier used as a Creche for looking after children of working women, specially from the Johnson & Johnson Offices nearby. After its closure, the new sanitary switch over is extremely impressive and applaudable.

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