Sangiti Newsletter

Is the monthly newsletter issued by the Mandal, under the supervision of its several erudite editors, all visharads in Hindi. With a limited circulation to only its 1,500 members, the Sangiti offers a mixed bag of information, of female interest only. The ‘Dadi ki Potli’ gives us the non-allopathic substitutes to cure day to day problems like cold, headaches and pains. A trendy topical recipe is served to cook festive or healthy food in simple easy steps. A short report with photos of the different activities of the Mandal is presented, specially for the benefit of those who could not come or stay far off. The Sangiti is given free to all members. And it is totally published and printed by the Trust funds. They do not allow advertisements, which is really a pity, because they could sell their space and make the magazine an independent self-supporting issue. The seniors should give thought to this! The last page of the newsletter is usually dedicated to a woman achiever who has made exceptional strides in her field of work. If the editors are in a good mood, we get a cartoon or two to giggle over.


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