Pragati Grah Udyog Food Unit

Financial independence goes a long way in instilling confidence in women. Pragati, our in-house food-manufacturing unit employs women in need of a livelihood to create opportunities for economic sustainability. Together, they make a variety of delicacies including home-made Pickles, Papad, Sherbet, Spices and made-to-order Snacks from fresh produce, under hygienic environment. RMM helps them home deliver and sell these at the dedicated counter on the ground floor. Pragati is not only a source of income and growth for many women today, but is also a second home to them for decades now

The Food division of the Mandal is personally supervised for hygiene, purity and perfection. Ladies are trained and allocated duties. On the 5th floor is the Masalas, Pickles and Papads section. A vast array of choice is offered in the pickles and papads. Regular day to day masala is ground, strained and packed, on a quick turn over basis for the various households that only buy from the Mandal. The kitchen has been shifted to the ground floor. There were two reasons for this – better light and more ventilation. A team of ladies make masala matthis, sev, suhalis, diet chivda and a host of other snacks packed by weight in neatly labeled take away plastic boxes. Festive food items like Sattu ke laddus or Modaks or Thandai bottles are kept ready as the demand requires. A small shop alongside the kitchen, sells the snacks and masala papads to the several cars that visit the place. Keeping in tune with the ecofriendly need of the day, the Shop sells cloth bags of varying sizes at nominal rates, to carry home the purchase. These bags are in attractive muted colors and soft enough to be folded and stored away for further use.

Pragati, our food department has been working full time to make food items and distributing it at the Dome, NSCI club, to the patients and doctors free of cost which was done for four months.

Our quality food products are supplied to renowned clients such as NSCI, Four Seasons Hotel, Bombay Canteen & Status Restaurant. Connect with us for your bulk order requirements to help these women further grow their business.

Pragati Rajasthani Mahila Mandal Griha Udyog Trust

Smt. Nishi Govalkar


 Office Contact No- (022) 23873197

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